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John 15:13
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One day you may be Someone's Only Line of Defense! After becoming a concealed carry permit holder years ago, this realization hit me and I began to truly understand what a resposibility we, the American gun owner carries with us every day.  We carry a gun not because it looks cool, or to prove a point. We carry to defend our lives, our families, and our friends. Each time we carry a gun, it is up to us to determine if we will be an asset or a liability to society. I take that responsibility very seriously. If you are going to carry a gun, you owe it to yourself, and to others, to be properly trained. We train for this reason, and offer this same training to you. 
We offer handgun and carbine classes for any skill level. The shooting sports are an ever growing popular and practical sport. Whether you're a beginner looking to gain the proper safety and fundamentals of shooting, a novice to advanced shooter who wants to refine the finer points of firearms manipulation, or simply an American that wants to be better prepared for that 1% of your life that may force you to defend your life or the lives of your family members, we can help push you to that next level of training. We do our best to integrate proper mindset into all of our training. We don't have all the answers. No one does. Our goal is to get you to start asking the right questions. Target shooting is fun, but in real world self defense application, you are the target. Life is full of variables, train to have an answer. In self defense, time is life! We train today, like the fight's tomorrow.
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Solo Initiative:
We are proud to partner with Armordillo Concealment to offer our shooters a 10% discount on all of their holster orders.
Our goal is to help equip you with the right gear to make your training and day to day carry better. 

The Solo Initiative is a way for us to give back. We hold charitable events every year, allowing you to join us in helping other. Follow our schedule for dates of these events.

M3 Tactical Kydex
We are proud to partner with M3 Tactical Kydex to offer our shooters a 10% discount on holsters.
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