Aaron Brumley - Founder/Firearm Instructor

Aaron started Solo Defense Training Group in 2011 with a vision of sharing knowledge and his love of shooting with other shooters to help them become safer and more proficient in their firearms training. He is an NRA certified instructor, and is committed to continuing his education each year with classes from other reputable teachers in the industry, including companies such as Costa Ludus, Defensive Concepts, M3 Strategies, Sage Dynamics, MDFI, Pace Performance, Sentinel Concepts, Modern Samurai Project, and Syltac Training. 

He is committed to continuing his education as both an instructor and always a student. 

Nick Young - Firearm Instructor

Nick has been shooting for 10 years. What started as a hobby has turned into a passion. That passion has not only lead him to constantly continuing his education, but has lead him to helping others become better. He’s been an instructor with Solo Defense Training Group for 4 years.  Nick takes on a practical approach to shooting with a strong foundation of basic fundamentals. Also, in between teaching classes as well as taking several classes a year, he participates in competitive shooting. Since 2014 he’s shot in 3 gun, PRS, Steel Challenge, Team DMR, and most recently USPSA. Shooting sports have helped mold his style of shooting and pushing the envelope of fast accuracy

Maxwell Gates - Firearm Instructor

Max grew up bird hunting in the Midwest and has had a gun in his hand since he could walk. His transition to defensive and performance shooting has come over the last 10 years and really taken off during the last 5 years while training and shooting with Solo Defense. Max has trained with a number of well-regarded instructors like Slytac, Sage Dynamics, Sheriff of Baghdad, SpecTrain, and MDFI. Max is also a graphic and product designer working with a number of figures within the firearms and training industry.